What to expect from you Kendo Journey


The way of the sword is a pathway to learn about ourselves. It is not an easy journey as this martial art is difficult to master for most people. However, the lessons learned along your journey can be applied to your daily lives. Most practitioners develop a passion for kendo that transcends the walls of the dojo. Its etiquette, its need for perseverance and dedication can become good foundations to better ourselves.

At the present time, the Middle-East does not belong to a recognized Federation by the All Japan Kendo Federation. This implies that the grading system in our part of the world cannot be validated above 2nd Kyu.

All grading until that stage is done within the dojo under the care of the instructor. This is something that is being worked on but ultimately will take time to achieve. We ask humbly for your patience and your support.

Kendo is not only the “way of the sword” it is also a “way of life”. As explained in our succinct explanation of what is Kendo, it is a philosophy that successive generations can learn together.

“The prime objective of instructing kendo is to encourage the practitioner to discover and define their way of life through training in the techniques of kendo”. (All Japan Kendo Federation – 2007).

This said anything learned and enjoyed does not have to be limited by a grade. Kendo is a personal journey, not a grading destination. How you decide to travel on that journey, will define you.

The Classes

Beginners course:


We offer six weeks beginners course for those wanting to get a taste of Kendo. These courses are run at set dates during the year, so please contact us to find out when our next course starts.

Each course will cost 80 OMR per person and will include a shinai (bamboo fighting sword) and a bokuto (wooden practice sword).

At the end of the course, you will be able to join the club as a registered member.

Note: At the present time we are not able to accept children younger than 14 years old.

Please keep checking our website or call us for update. We are looking at welcoming children from 8-13 years old soon.

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After your 6 week course:

Adult classes (from 14 onwards):

 Every Wednesdays from 7:30-9:30pm



Full annual fee is 410 OMR per person – Payable in 4 instalments.

Bogu and uniforms can be purchased through our trusted suppliers in Japan and the UK and will cost approximately 400 OMR altogether.


Habroot Building

Al Khuwair Street (Service road)

The same building as Baskin Robbins


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