Kendo in popular culture

Have you ever wondered why some of the best fighting video games like street fighter and Mortal Kombat have 3 rounds? You can thank Kendo for that! (Kendo has a ‘best of three’ ippon system)

Kendo has influenced many great things, from video games, TV Shows, Anime and even movies!!

Here are a few examples of popular culture including Kendo in its list of influences

1- Alex Clare – Too Close

In an interview with Alex Clare, he wanted to have two Samurai dulling in an open field, but the idea morphed into bringing in the modern-day Samurai in a more urban setting.

The video is very styalized but the awesome thing is that the song is almost instantly recognized by everyone, which means the video (and Kendo by association) got some people seeing it….in fact, if you look up the subreddit of the video, you will see that a few Kendoka actually started their kendo career after seeing kendo in this video.

2- The transporter 2

In the transporter 2, the big bad guy shows off his might with a highly stylized Kendo match….that white bogu looks fantastic though!

While it’s a short scene, we hope it got a few people asking about Kendo as a martial art!

3- Moonraker

The 1979 James bond movie is a brilliant movie, which still holds up today as 007’s greatest escapades…..and it has a Kendoka in it!

In an epic showdown, bond faces off a Kendoka in a one on one, and the Kendoka holds his own against bond…only for his shinai to be cut down by bond. He definitely was shaken (and stirred)

4- Mezo & Sara Pach - NIEPODZIELNI

It’s a short appearance in the music video… Kendo seems to interest musicians!

The cinematography is quite unique on this one, black and white seems to look really nice with the bogu…maybe we need to try a black and white shoot for the club?

5- The Wolverine

This perhaps is the most recognizable reference in recent times, we couldn’t be more excited when the wolverine had a kendo inspired scene! it makes sense…. Yashida’s character in the movie is the silver samurai so it makes sense that he would instill Kendo training in his personal security. In fact, this would be a great addition to the character in the comics!

It would be awesome if any of these pop culture references peaked your interest in Kendo, but let’s be honest…You read this blog so you probably want to know more!

You can contact us at any time to find out more about Kendo, you can also visit our this page to learn about what you should expect from your Kendo classes.

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