Ichi Byo Shi Oman celebrates its first anniversary!

It is hard to believe that our kendo club has only been around for a year, it feels like as if we have always been a team.

Indeed, 2020 has been a fantastic journey and celebrated our first year anniversary in style in our home dojo at the International Karate Academy.

The anniversary event was attended by Mr Shō Hashimoto (3rd Secretary to the Cultural Attaché), representing the Japanese embassy,. We are very grateful for his continuous support throughout this first year and his help in establishing our kendo presence in Oman.

Mr. Hashimoto said that it was nice to see how the Japanese culture had spread, and how the Omani Kendoka have embraced the kendo way.

Sensei Farid Shuhaibi, Chairman & ISKF Oman representative was also present, and was happy to see the progress of the Kendo students and to see that Kendo has found its way in Oman.

The celebration showcased the two different techniques used in Kendo with a Bokuto demonstration by Bader Al Lawati and Romain Chantier. This was followed by Shinai demonstration by Iain Watford and Romain Chantier.

“This has been a great journey so far; we started the Kendo club with 3 students, and we have grown in skill and in the numbers. Kendo has a long and rich history in Japan, and it has been a great honor for us to be a part of its establishment in the Sultanate. We are especially thankful to the Oman Japan Friendship association and Sensei Farid AL Shuhaibi for helping us build interest in this sport” - Sensei Garance Watford

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