Japanese Culture

Kendo is one of the many diverse and beautiful aspects of Japan. The country is rich with history and culture, and for anyone interested in the land of the rising sun, there is an endless supply of activities and cultural facets to learn! 

Kendoka would most certainly want to visit many of the rich historical sites that brought the way of the sword to the world! Aizuwakamatsu in Fukushima Prefecture would be a particularly interesting site for kendoka as it is

known as the land of the samurai. You can visit many sites showcasing samurai culture, including Tsuruga Castle.

While the history and heritage of Japan could fill your entire itinerary, there are so many more aspects of Japan to discover! 

There are many natural picturesque attractions that look like they come right out of a photography exhibition! Apart from the beauty of Mount Fuji, Japan is home to some beautiful hot springs (Onsen) like the Ginzan Onsen, as well as winter perfect ski resorts.

One of the biggest exports of Japanese culture to the world is Japanese food! while Sushi is one of the most famous exports of Japan, don't forget to explore the less popular (but equally amazing) foods that Japan has to offer. There is even a noodle museum (Echizen Soba Village) dedicated to all the delicate noodle dishes that Japan has to offer. 

Depending on which season you choose to visit, Japan will change its beautiful backdrop from the pinks of the cherry blossom season in spring to the lush greens of summer and golden hues of autumn. Japan also covers its beautiful mountains in the white glow of snow in winter.

Japanese Woman in Cherry Blossom
Sushi Bar

The Oman-Japan Friendship Association

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The Oman-Japan Friendship Association (OJFA) was established to promote relations in the field of culture, society, economy, arts, and science between Oman and Japan in January 1974.

The society started formally in March with the late Personal Representative of His Majesty the Sultan H. H. Sayyid Thuwaini Al-Said as Honorary Chairman of the Association,


It has the longest history in international friendship associations. The Association was recognized on the 40th anniversary of the accession of His Majesty, 

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