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Ichi Byō Shi

Kendo Kai

Ichi Byō Shi means “In One Breath” in Japanese.

In kendo it expresses the need to execute a combination of movements and thoughts effortlessly. A lot of training and repetition is required to attain this level of reaction so that it becomes natural and can be done instantaneously… in one breath.

Originally, the club was founded in 2006 by Sensei John Bates (3rd Dan) and Sensei Lesley Bates in Aylesbury (Buckinghamshire in Great Britain)

Iain Watford (Ikkyu) and Garance Watford (1st Dan) came to Oman in 2018 and set up a branch of the club in September 2019 with the help of Sensei Farid Mohammed Al Shahaibi (7th Dan Shotokan Karate).

The club is now established under his patronage in the International Karate Academy Dojo in Muscat.


The club functions under the instruction of Garance Watford under the guidelines of the All Japan Kendo Federation and with the support of both Sensei Bates (3rd Dan) and Sensei Bowden (5th Dan - Great Britain National Team).


About our U.K club

Sensei John Bates

3rd Dan Senior Instructor

Sensei Bates has been practicing Kendo since 2002. He founded Ichi ByōShi Dojo with Sensei Lesley Bates, in 2006.

Chris Bowden

5th Dan Instructor (shinai)

Chris has been practicing Kendo since 2006. Gaining his initial training while living in Korea, he brings another flavor to Ichi ByōShi. Chris regularly trains with the GB squad and represents Great Britain in international kendo Taikai across the world. He has recently taken bronze in the "4 Nations" competition and silver at the Premier cup.

Stuart Keen

1st Dan Instructor (schools)

After Sensei Bates, Stuart is the longest serving member of Ichi ByōShi. Stuart runs a branch of the dojo at Dr Challoner's Grammar School.

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